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Writing for Science Journals: tips, tricks, and a learning plan

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Description of the book

All researchers must publish their work, primarily in peer-reviewed journals. Their papers are essential for promotion, recognition, and creating dialogues with colleagues around the world. Unfortunately, writing publication-quality manuscripts and guiding them through the peer-review process is difficult, time-consuming, and often frustrating. In this book, you'll learn how to make the process easier, guided by the author's more than 25 years of experience—experience gained from helping authors publish more than 6000 papers in some of the world's most prestigious journals (including Nature, Science, and PNAS).

Writing for Science Journals explains the details of every section of a journal manuscript, including tips and tricks you won't find elsewhere about dealing with the peculiar ways journals work with authors and reviewers. You'll also learn to perform better research by avoiding certain common pitfalls related to statistics and experimental design that can make publication difficult. Each chapter ends with a list of key points you can use as the basis for developing a learning plan.

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Bibliographic information

Hart, G. 2014. Writing for Science Journals: Tips, Tricks, and a Learning Plan. Diaskeuasis Publishing, Pointe-Claire, Quebec.


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Detailed table of contents for the book (and a sample chapter)

This page provides an overview of the contents of first edition of the book; you can also download the front matter and detailed TOC. To give you an idea of the writing style, download a sample copy of Chapter 16 (experimental design and statistics). I have provided tips on how to use the eBook to help you get the most out of this book. The tips will also work for many other eBooks and PDF files.

Part I: Getting started

Chapter 1. Read me first
Chapter 2. A few words about ethics
Chapter 3. Choosing a journal

Part II: Writing the paper

Chapter 4. Start with a strong outline
Chapter 5. Using your word processor correctly
Chapter 6. Structure and formatting of a journal article
Chapter 7. Title, abstract, and keywords
Chapter 8. Introduction
Chapter 9. Methods and materials
Chapter 10. Results
Chapter 11. Discussion and conclusions
Chapter 12. Acknowledgments and conflicts of interest
Chapter 13. References and citations

Part III: Details and style problems

Chapter 14. Experimental design and statistics
Chapter 15. Numbers, variables, and equations
Chapter 16. Figures
Chapter 17. Tables
Chapter 18. Online supplemental material
Chapter 19. Miscellaneous difficulties of English
Chapter 20. Writing style

Part IV: Review and revision

Chapter 21. Preparing for review
Chapter 22. Review process
Chapter 23. Acceptance and publication
Chapter 24. Conclusions

Part V: End matter

About the author
Web pages

Errata and additions to the 1st (2014) edition of the book

Inevitably, some errors slip through the review and editing process, and new information becomes available. Although I cannot promise personal replies after the book becomes popular, I'll try to respond to your comments. I encourage readers to write to me with questions of general interest, and the answers to those questions will become part of future editions. Until those editions are published, you can find them on my Web site via this section:

Errata and additions to the 1st (2014) edition

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